Whether or not you have already decided to invest in a CNC lathe, turn to ABL Technology with questions about your future purchase. We have stocked most all brands of machines since we came onto the scene in the summer of 1998. Mazak, Haas, Okuma, Hyundai-Wia and Doosan (now called DN Solutions) and DMG-Mori are just a few of the brands that have passed through our doors over the years. You might also find Nakamura, Citizen or Hurco. Not only do we stock machines in our main facility, but we will stock and broker machines from around the country, and the world at other locations.

On this page you will find 2 and 3 axis lathes of unique design make up. These may be a standard 2 axis design, others may be 3 axis with milling capability, others with a sub spindle but without milling capability. You can look through a vast selection of machines that may include a Mazak Nexus QTN450 or Nexus QTN250, a Haas ST20 or ST30, a Doosan Puma 400LB or Lynx 220LC or a DMG Mori NLX2500 or NLX3000. Whatever it is you’re looking for, just make sure you include ABL in your search process.