A 5 Axis machine is no longer considered a luxury in a machine shop, is it now nearly essential to compete and set yourself apart from the competition. Above is our collection of 5-axis cnc machines. ABL Technology offers high quality 5 axis machining centers needed for the manufacture of more complicated parts. We carry machines from Haas, DMG-Mori and Mazak as well as Hurco, Matsuura, and Okuma. Check our inventory for more selections, as the inventoried listings changes regularly.

You can find 5-axis machines designed with a universal head. This style might also be referred to as a nutating or knuckle head. Another design type you might find 5-axis machines with is a trunnion style table that rotates and tilts to various angles. A significant benefit of a 5-axis machine, compared to a typical 3-axis machine, is that the machines are able to manufacture more complex parts in one single setup. Additionally, a 5-axis milling machine reduces machining time, therefore increasing production. Higher speed rapid traverse rates, and tool change times lend themselves to higher levels of productivity.