2012 Star SR-20J Type N

2012 Star SR-20J Type N

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Iemca Ideal 325 Barfeed

High-Pressure Coolant

9-Power Driven Tools

6-Sleeve Tools

4-Stationary Tools

2-Deep Drilling

Parts Ejector Conveyor

LNS Chip Conveyor


ModelSR-20J Type N
Stock Number119355
Machine ControlFanuc 31i Model B
Maximum Machining Diameter20mm
Main Spindle IndexingFull C Axis
Maximum Headstock Stroke205mm (8")
Tool Shank12mm (.472")
Spindle Speed10,000 RPM
Spindle Motor5 hp / 3 hp
4-Spindle Sleeve Holder4 Front & 4 Rear End Tool Holders
Maximum Drilling Capacity 110mm (25/64")
Maximum Tapping CapacityM8x1.25
2-Spindle Front Sleeve Holder2-Stationary Tools
Maximum Drilling Capacity 28mm (5/16")
Maximum Depth of Hole100mm (3 5/16")
Power Driven AttachmentCross Milling - 3 Tools
Maximum Drilling Capacity 38mm (5/16")
Maximum TappingM6x1.0
Spindle Speed 18,000 rpm
Rapid traverse rates35m/min (X,Y,Z,XB,ZB)
Subspindle Machining Diameter20mm (25/32")
Maximum Length for Front Ejection80mm (3 5/32")
Maximum Parts Projection Length30mm (1 3/16")
Number of Tools4
Maximum Drilling Capacity8mm (5/16")
Maximum Power Driven Tool5mm (3/16")
Maximum Tapping Stationary ToolM8x1.25
Maximum Tapping Power Driven ToolM4x.7
Power Driven Attachment Spindle Speed8,000 rpm
Subspindle IndexingFull C-Axis
Subspindle Motor3 hp / 2 hp
Machine Dimensions LxWxH88"x47"x67"
Machine Weight4,850 lbs