2003 Star SV-32

No longer available

2003 Star SV-32



9-Axis Fanuc Control

LNS Chip Conveyor

Chip Blaster Pump

FMB 336 Barfeed

**New Parts Installed**

**X-Axis Ballscrew & Bearings

**Y-Axis Ballscrew & Bearings

**Way Lube Pump

**Main Spindle Toggles

**Sub Spindle Toggles

**Cabinet Fan

**Cutting Room LIghts (LED Replacement)

**Door Limit Switch

Rebuilt Counter Unit

Full Machine Alignment

1 Year Fanuc Warranty

Magic Guide Bushing

431-12-00 qty of 3 drill holder 

431-11-00 qty of 1 drill holder 

431-51-00 qty of 1 2 spindle cross live 

431-55-00 qty of 1 angle live head

431-02-00 qty of 2 triple turn 

431-03-00 qty of 2 triple turn 


Stock Number118775
Maximum Turning Diameter1.25"
Maximum Headstock Stroke12.203"
Number of Turret Positions10
Gang Style Number of Tools4
Maximum Drilling Capacity.906"
Maximum Tapping CapacityM12xP1.75
Number of Live Tools Gang Style3
Number of Live Tools on Turret2
Maximum Drilling Diameter on Live Tools.312"
Maximum Tapping on Live ToolsM8xP1.25
Maximum Milling Capacity on Live Tools.39"
Maximum Slotting on Live ToolsWidth .079" / Depth .394"
Spindle Speed7,000 rpm
Spindle motor 30 min. / cont.7.5 kw / 5.5 kw
Subspindle Chucking Diameter1.25"
Maximum Length for Front Ejection5.875"
Maximum Part Projection Length2.234"
Backworking Attachment Numer of Tools3 / 1 Face
Backworking Attachment Drilling Capcity.5"
Backworking Attachment Tapping CapacityM12xP1.75
Main Spindle IndexingFull C-Axis
Subspindle IndexingFull C-Axis
Subspindle Speed7,000 rpm
Subspindle Motor2.2 kw / 3.7 kw
Machine Dimensions LxWxH104"x55.31"x66.14"
Machine Weight8,377 lbs