2006 Haas EC-400 PP

2006 Haas EC-400 PP

$129,500 (USD)


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6 Pallet Pool Configuration with 6 Drilled and Tapped Pallets

Full 4th Axis Rotary Table

70 Station Tool Changer

Coolant Thru the Spindle

Chip Conveyor

Through the Tool Air Blast

Spindle Orientation

User Definable Macros

Coordinate Rotation & Scaling

Visual Part Program Storage

Rigid Tapping

USB Port Interface

All Available Manuals

9,836 Run Time Hours

Installed 12/8/2006


ModelEC-400 PP
Stock Number117778
Machine ControlHaas Control
Table Size / Number of Pallets15.75" x 15.75" / 6 Pallet Changer
Maximum Table Load880 lbs
Pallet Indexing.001 Degrees Full 4th
X-Axis Travel20"
Y-Axis Travel20"
Z-Axis Travel20"
Spindle Speed12,000 RPM
Spindle TaperCAT 40
Spindle Motor30 HP Vector Direct Drive
Tool Magazine Capacity70 Station Tool Changer
Maximum Tool Diameter / Length / Weight5" / 12" / 12 lbs
Rapid Traverse Rates1,400 IPM
Cutting Feedrates833 IPM
Machine Dimensions LxWxH202" x 102" x 113"
Pallet Pool Dimensions127" x 91" x 85"
Machine Weight31,200 lbs all together