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2016 Tsugami M08SY Fanuc 0iTD


The M08SY is built for the long haul and features a very robust yet compact base. The X and Y features
massive box way construction allowing for superior rigidity and dampening when taking heavy cuts. The
Z slide is comprised of heavy duty linear roller ways for speed and rigidity. The three axes are designed
for exceptional accuracy and long machine life.
The X axis has a thermal compensation package as standard. Compensation is performed by measuring
the thermal displacement by the touch sensor installed on the X-axis slide. It allows you to choose your compensation timing, whether between every part cycle or over a predetermined amount of time.
Ideal for a wide range of applications, the M08SY is built for high-accuracy, high-productivity machining.
The Y axis allows for turret tool positioning above or below center. The robust 12 position turret mounted
to the Y axis allows for driven tooling to be mounted at any turret position for use on the main or back
spindles. This tool zone flexibility coupled with the C axis provides you with the capability and flexibility
to machine virtually any feature and drop your part complete in one clamping.


Chuck Type Main / Subspindle 8" 3-Jaw Chuck / 6" 3-Jaw Chuck
Maximum Cutting Diameter/Length 11.02" / 14.96"
Maximum Bar Capacity 2.56"
Subspindle Bore 2.04"
X Axis Travel 8.7"
Y Axis Travel +/- 1.97"
Z Axis Travel 15.75"
A Axis Travel 19.92"
C Axis Spindle Rotation .001 degree
Spindle Nose / Spindle Bore A2-6" / 2.87"
Spindle Speed / Subspindle Speed 4,500 RPM / 4,500 RPM
Main Spindle Motor 14.75 HP
Subspindle Motor 10 HP
Live Tooling Speeds / Motor 5,000 RPM / 5 HP
Turret Type 12 Positions
Rapid Traverse X / Y / Z 946 / 473 / 1064 IPM
Machine Dimensions LxWxH 98" x 73" x 76"
Machine Weight 13,007 lbs.

Equiped with

Main & Subspindle C Axis with Brake
Live Milling/Drilling Capable all 12 Turret Spots
Y Axis Capability
8" 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck on Main Spindle
6" 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck on Subspindle
Royal Quick Change Collet Chucks on Main & Subspindle up to 2.625" Bar Capacity
Parts Catcher
Parts Exit Conveyor System w/ Ejector
Chip Conveyor
Tool Setter - Manual Swivel Type
Edge Rebel V-65 Bar Feeder Factory Installation 6mm, 12mm & 19MM Pushers
(4) Extended Spindle Liners
Extended Coolant Collector
3 Color Machine Status Condition Lights
High Pressure 300 PSI Flood Coolant
300 PSI Coolant Thru Turret & Ejector
Fanuc Helical Interpolation
Work Light
Hydraulic Cylinder Unit
Spindle Air Purge
Thermal Compensation
Live Tool Rigid Tap
Foot Switch
RS 232 Port Interface
(3) Double Turning holders
(4) Double Drill Holders
(2) Boring Sleeves w/ .75" ID
(2) Boring Sleeves w/ 1" ID
(2) Cross Drill Heads Driven Tool Holders
(2) Front/Back Drill Heads Driven Tool Holders
(1) Cut Off Holder
(2) Additional Cross Drill Heads
Work Stopper
All Available Manuals
ONLY 1,173 Total Cutting Hours
Purchased 12/16


Very Good


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