2002 Haas Schleifmaschinen MultiGrind HT


2002 Haas Schleifmaschinen MultiGrind HT

$32,500 (USD)

Dundee, FL


5 Axis CNC Controlled Tool/Cutter Grinder Automatic Grinding Wheel Dressing Device Renishaw Tool Length Measuring Probe Auto Grinding Wheel Changer for 10 Wheel Flanges-each flange can carry 3 wheels High Pressure 18 bar Coolant Pump CO2 Fire Extinguishing System Software for Right & Left Spiraled Step Drills Software for Production of Medical Broaches Software for Produc. of Cross Hatched Rasps Direct Measuring System / Linear Axis HT Linear Axis for C Axis Grinding Spindle Linear Drive 8,000 RPM Linear Drive Coolant Unit Pneumatic Support for Long Thin Parts Prism for Reamers Guideway Prism Hydraulic Tailstock Hydraulic Clamping System Grinding Spindle HSK50E-Direct Drive 8000 Coolant Supply System with constant coolant temperature Electrostatic Air Cleaning System AC IIR Additional Cooling Working Head Control Cabinet Cooling Modem Interface Ethernet Interface Machine Drip Pan Coolant Centrifuge Drip Pan DXF Interface Graphics Overload Protection on Spindle Auto Lubrication System Splash Proof Enclosure All Available Manuals Wired 400V Electrics *New as Equipped cost $521,432 *This unit is currently in storage and will need some work


ManufacturerHaas Schleifmaschinen
ModelMultiGrind HT
Stock Number116822
ControlSiemens Sinumerik 840D