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2004 Mazak Integrex 200-IIIST Mazatrol Fusion 640MT Pro


Standard Chuck Main / Sub 8" Hyd / 8" Hyd
Maximum Swing 26"
Max Swing using Y Axis 19.5" - 26"
Max Swing over lower Turret 10.6"
Maximum Cutting Dia. Chucking Upper 26"
Max Cutting Diameter Chucking-Lower 10.24"
Max Cutting Length 40"
Max Distance between Chuck Jaws 45.27"
Main Spindle Nose / Bore A2-6 / 2.99
Max Bar Work 2.00"
Spindle Speed 35-5000 RPM
Spindle Index 0.0001 Degree
Spindle HP Cont / 30 Min 20 / 30 HP
Sup Spindle Nose / Bore A2-6 / 2.99"
Maz Bar Work 2" x 34.6"
Sub Spindle Speed 35-5000 RPM
Sub Spindle Index 0.001 Degree
Sub Spindle HP ( Cont / 30 Min ) 20/25 HP AC
Magazine Capacity 40 ATC KM63
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed 12,000 RPM
Rotary Tool Spindle HP 25 HP
Lower Turret 9 Pos. Drum
Lower Rotary Spindle Speed 4500 RPM
Rotary Tool HP 5 HP
B Axis Travel 225 Degrees
X Axis 22.83"
Y Axis +/- 3.15"
Z Axis 41.14"
X2 Axis Lower 5.91"
Z2 Axis Lower 38.98"
Second Headstock W Axis 41.34
Floor Space 93.03"x150.39"x102.24"

Equiped with

Pendulum Style B Axis Head
Full C Axis Main Spindle
Background Path Check
B-Axis Angle Positioning Turning
Multi Tool Holder / Flash Tool
Shape Comp
2nd Auxi Functions
Synchronized Mill Tapping
Tool Center Point Control
Simultaneous 5-Axis Control
EIA Helical Interpolation
EIA Coordinate Rotation
Enhanced Y-Axis Mazatrol Face 1 & Face 2
EIA Helical Tap
Auto Pecking
Sub C-Axis Control
Rotary Axis Shape Comp
Cylincrical Interpolation
Work Coordinates Select
Poloar Coordinates Input
User Macro
Direct Drawing Size Input
600 Macro Variables
Live Milling/Drilling Capability
Y Axis Capability
9 Station Lower Turret
Subspindle with Full C-Axis Capability
40 Position Tool Changer with KM 63
Chip Conveyor Side Discharge
Automatic Tool Eye
Complete Coolant System
All Available Manuals




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