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1994 Mazak Multiplex 430 Mazatrol T32-4

Not Available

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Chuck Sizes 10" Hydraulic Chk.
Maximum Swing/Stand. Cut Diam. 22.04" / 12.99"
Max. Cut Length Chuck/Shaft Work 8.86" / 25.59"
Distance Between Spindle Faces 9.842" - 57.09"
X-Axis Travel 12.2"
Z-Axis Travel 23.8"
No. Turrets / Positions 2 Pos. / 12 Pos./ea.
Spindle Motor 30 min./Contin. 30 HP / 25 HP
Spindle Torque 362 ft./lbs.
Spindle Nose / Bore / Bar Capacity A2-8"/3.46"/3.03"
Spindle Speed 35 - 3500 RPM
Rapid Traverse 945 IPM
Electrical Requirement(mach. Only) 106 KVA
Machine Dimensions(mach. Only) 175"x82.2"x77"
Machine Weight 22,710 lbs.

Equiped with

Auto Center Partition
Chuck Air Blast
Turret Air Blast
Work Transfer Air Blast
Simple Thru Spindle Air Blast Operation Condition Lights
Automatic Tool Eyes
Rear Exit Chip Conveyor
Tool Life Monitoring
Absolute Positioning System
Front Door Interlocks
Hydraulic Pressure Interlocks
All Available Tooling
Synchronized Z Axis'