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2000 Marwin Automax II Fanuc 160iM


The AB Marwin horizontal spindle Automax II machining centre is designed primarily for the high speed routing and finish milling of airframe components. The Marwin Automax is a horizontal-spindle five-axis plate mill for large prismatic aerospace parts
The Automax II is capable of a metal removal rate of 500cu in /min (8194cm3/min) in aluminium, using a 70kW, 27,000 rev/min Weiss spindle and an Ingersoll 75mm diameter, three-blade mill.
Due to the huge amounts of chips generated, the components are mounted on a vertical pallet, which allows the chips to fall free. The machine is entirely closed in and also includes 2000 L (530 US gal) soft water coolant system.
To ease set-up, the pallet is positioned horizontally, away from the cutting area, to facilitate loading and unloading. The pallets can be used with either a T-slotted surface or a vacuum face.
Each Automax II has two 2m pallets, so one pallet can be set up while the other is in the machining area 'The pallets have to be positioned in the work area within 15 microns and repeatability has to be within an 8 micron tolerance band. A Renishaw MP10 probe is used to make these measurements.


Table Size / Number of Pallets 122.14" x 48.07" / 2 Pallets
X-Axis Travel 137.9"
Y-Axis Travel 53.19"
Z-Axis Travel 29.55"
A Axis Movement +/- 45 Degrees
B Axis Movement +/- 45 Degrees
Spindle Taper HSK 63A
Spindle Speeds 27,000 RPM
Spindle Motor 53 HP
Tool Magazine Capacity 60 Position ATC

Equiped with

2 Pallet Changer System
5 Axis Capability
B Axis Head
A Axis Head
Probing System
27,000 RPM Spindle
60 Station Tool Changer
Chip Conveyor
Scale Feedback
RS-232C Port for DNC Interface
3.5" Floppy Disk Drive
All Available Manuals
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