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2009 Mazak Nexus VCN 510C/50-II Mazatrol Matrix Nexus


In approximately 2002 Mazak introduced the Nexus 510C.  It featured Mazak’s latest design in vertical machining centers.  The Nexus 510C is a traveling table design with Z-Axis remaining on the column.  It was offered in both 40 taper and 50 taper versions of the machine, as well as a HS (high speed) 40 taper model.  This new design provides for maximum productivity by increasing the overall speed of the machine.
Precision linear guide ways are used on all axes for maximum accuracy and rigidity.  Rapid traverse rates of 1417 inches per minute and positioning accuracy of ± .0002" are achieved as a result of these features.
The Nexus 510C features a powerful 25HP, 12,000 RPM AC spindle motor. This direct drive spindle design increases torque in the low range and enhances performance in the high range.   Digital AC spindle motor and drive system require little maintenance, improving the machines overall productivity.
The high gain digital AC servo motors are coupled directly to the ball screws eliminating the need for belts and gears that can negatively affect machine accuracy.
The Nexus 510C comes standard with a chip and splash shield and top cover to provide a safe and clean environment.
The Mazatrol Fusion 640M CNC control, earned a reputation as the most advanced conversational programming CNC system of its time, It was fused with a personal computer while retaining the exceptional Mazatrol functions.  The result is a control that can respond to inquiries from external locations.  It can also make suggestions, such as for faster cutting conditions to help lower cycle times and increase thru-put.
Machining time is greatly reduced by using the world’s fastest 64 bit RISC processor and compact low inertia servo motors.  The Mazatrol Fusion 640M control reduces cutting time using both software and hardware solutions.
The Nexus 510C was eventually replaced by the Nexus 510C II, known as the mark II machine.  There were some upgrades in both technology of the mechanics of the machine as well as the control that came with the change in name.


Table Size 51.18" x 21.65"
Table Load Capacity 2,646 lbs
X-Axis Travel 41.34"
Y-Axis Travel 20.87"
Z-Axis Travel 20.08"
Spindle Motor 30 min / Continuous 30 HP / 25 HP
Spindle Speed 6,000 RPM
Spindle Taper CAT 50
Tool Magazine Capacity 30 Position ATC
Dist. From Table Top to Spindle Nose 5.9" to 25.98"
Max. Tool Diameter/Length/Weight 4.92"/13.8"/17 lbs.
Tool Change Time 1.3 Sec
Rapid Traverse Rates 1,417 IPM
Machine Dimensions LxWxH 113" x 111" x 113"
Machine Weight 17,600 lbs

Equiped with

Mazak MR250 4th Axis Rotary Table
Tailstock for 4th Axis
Renishaw TS27R Tool Probe
Chip Conveyor
Coolant Through the Spindle - 213 PSI
30 Station Side Mounted Tool Changer
Hand Held Remote Jog Handle
Flood Coolant
Rigid Tapping
G-00 Slope Constant
Mazak 2D Software
PCMCIA Slots Type II
EIA/ISO Input Function
Multi Tap Transformer
Workpiece Air Blast
5,180 Total Cut Hours




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