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2002 Mazak VTC200B Mazatrol Fusion 640M


The Mazak VTC 200B vertical machining center is a member of the family of Mazak VTC series machines.  VTC stands for Vertical Traveling Column.  This design principle allows for the machining of heavier workpieces that stay stationary with the column moving in each of the XYZ directions.  
The VTC200B offered an updated sidemount style tool changer with swing arm which was a major upgrade from original umbrella styles that were used on the older VTC's.  The VTC series first made its presence on the market in 1994 using the Mazatrol M32B control.  It was followed by use of the Mazatrol Mplus control, this was later followed by the Mazatrol Fusion 640M control when the when the 160A & B, 200B, C and G as well as VTC300C units came on the market.  
The VTC 200B offers 44" X axis travel with 20" of both Y and Z axis travel, with standard 10,000 rpm spindle and 40 taper spindle.  It had a 20 HP motor with a 24 station tool changer with a 30 position option available as well.  Some of the features often seen on these units included rigid tapping, EIA/ISO input function to allow G code style programming, chip conveyor, coolant through the spindle, part and tool probing, and a 4th or 5th axis rotary table.


Table Size 57.48" x 20.08"
Table Load Capacity 1,760 lbs.
X-Axis Travel 44.09"
Y-Axis Travel 20.08"
Z-Axis Travel 20.08"
Spindle Taper CAT # 40 Taper
Spindle Nose to Table Top 7.09" - 27.17"
Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM
Spindle Motor 30 Min. / Cont. 20 HP / 15 HP
Tool Magazine Capacity 24 Position ATC
Tool Change Time chip to chip 4.7 seconds
Max. Tool Diam./Length/Weight 4.33"/13.78"/17.6 lbs.
Rapid Traverse / Cutting Feedrates 1181 IPM / 1181 IPM
Electrical Requirement 21.4 kVA
Machine Dimensions 115"x110"x105"
Machine Weight 15,000 lbs.

Equiped with

Chip Conveyor
24 Station Sidemount Toolchanger
Automatic Tool Length Measurement Probe
4th Axis Rotary Table
Tailstock for use with Rotary Table
Faster Double Arm ATC
Tool Life Monitoring
Adaptive Feedrate Control
Flood Coolant
Complete Coolant System
Rigid Tapping
3.5" Floppy Disk Drive
PCMCIA Interface (2 Slots)
IC Memory Card Interface
Helical Interpolation
All Available Manuals




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