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1995 Fadal VMC15 Fadal CNC88HS


The Fadal VMC15  is a small footprint, high performance CNC vertical machining center that was offered by Fadal during the later 1990’s into the early 2000’s.  They offered a standard travel of 20” x 16” x 20”, with the option of a VMC15XT model offering an extended X axis travel of 30”.  The Fadal VMC-15 offered a standard spindle speed of 7500 rpm with an optional 10,000 package also available.  These units were offered with  Fadal CNC88HS high speed processor control, but were often seen with more advanced Fadal 32 MP or Multiprocessor control units on them which were all Fanuc compatible.  The Fadal VMC 15 series was a linear guide way machine on all three axis’.  These machines could be purchased with a number of options in order to add productivity such as pallet changers, extended Z axis travel, the Fadal Hydro Sweep chip conveyor system, coolant through the spindle and more.  They were standard with a 21 station umbrella style tool changer with a 15 HP, CAT 40 spindle.  These units were economically prices and were outstanding value for the performance they offered.  


Table Size 29.5" x 16"
Table Load Capacity 1,500 lbs.
Dist. From Table Top to Spindle Nose 4" -24"
X-Axis Travel 20"
Y-Axis Travel 16"
Z-Axis Travel 20"
Tool Magazine Capacity 21 Position ATC
Max. Tool Diam/Length/Weight 6"/15"/15 lbs.
Spindle Motor 15 HP
Spindle Speed 10 -7,500 RPM
Spindle Taper CAT # 40
Rapid Traverse 400 IPM
Machine Dimensions 77"x75"x101"
Machine Weight 5,500 lbs

Equiped with

RS-232 Port
Rigid Tapping
Full Enclosure
Coolant System
Linear X, Y, Z Guideways
All Available Manuals




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