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2008 Ganesh Cyclone 32CS Ganesh Control


The GANESH CYCLONE-32 CS is a 7-axis 1.25” (32mm) bar diameter sliding headstock CNC lathe without a guide bushing, which facilitates faster setups, greater workpiece concentricity, and superior cutting rigidity over conventional Swiss-style lathes. The CYCLONE-32 CS configuration allows for short cycle-times because the Counter Spindle can work simultaneously with the Main Spindle. The CYCLONE-32 CS does not require the use of ground barstock or a guide bushing like the Swiss-style machines must use, this together with the much shorter bar remnant, represents additional profitability when using this machine design. The CYCLONE-32 CS CNC screw machine configuration also allows for shorter cycle times due to the enhanced machine rigidity and the ability to aggressively rough cut and then finish with a second tool, all while achieving much greater tool life. The CYCLONE-32 CS can use as many of the 27-available tools as necessary to rough and finish features on the workpiece. Swiss machines cuts are limited to the length of the guide bushing, and longer cuts must be micro-fed at full depth with one-tool in just one-pass which burns up expensive tooling. These advantages are particularly evident in tougher materials where the capability of the Cyclone 32CS excels.


Number of Controlled Axes 7 Axis'
X Axis Travel 7.28"
Y Axis Travel 19.29"
Z Axis Travel 6.5"
C Axis Spindle Movement - Both Spndl 360,000 Positions
Spindle Bore/Bar Capacity 1.25"
Spindle Speed Main/Sub Spindle 6,000/6,000 RPM
Spindle Motor Main/Sub Spindle 10 HP / 5 HP
Number of Tools 6 O.D. / 5 I.D.
Rapid Traverse Rate Main Spindle Side 1,180 IPM
Rapid Traverse Rate Sub Spindle Side 590 IPM
X Axis Travel Subspindle Side 11.53"
Y Axis Travel Subspindle Side 11.61"
Cross Slide Live Tools 4 Live
Front Slide Live Tools 3 Live
Live Tooling Speed 4,000 RPM
Live Tool Motor 2 HP
Machine Dimensions LxWxH 95" x 59" x 76"
Machine Weight 8,280 lbs

Equiped with

Gang Tools
Live Milling Capability
Full C Axis Capability on Both Spindles
Y Axis Capability
Chip Auger Style Conveyor
Chip Evacutation System
Finished Parts Ejector
Parts Catcher
Parts Exit Conveyor
LNS Express 332 Bar Feeder
Mist Buster System
Chip Blaster Hi-Press. Cool. Pump w/ 4 Stations
Air Blast Nozzle
RS-232 Port Interface
Sliding Hadstock without a guide bushing
G Code Based Control with Mitsubishi Components




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