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1998 Mazak QT20 Mazatrol Tplus

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The Mazak Quick Turn 20 and QT20HP lathes were one of the most versatile members of Mazak’s outstanding line of CNC lathes. The QT20 HP is the copy of the QT20 with the exception that is has a 3.15" bore and speeds to 4,000 rpm vs a 2.44" bore and 5,000 rpm's that are on the QT20. The combination of high-speed machine performance and CNC provides the fastest cutting time and minimized machine idle time. This sophisticated integration of machine and control provides exceptional productivity for medium to large size lots as well as small lot production.
The new smooth high-gain servo control system minimizes shock at the start of servo motor rotation and deceleration to improve follow up accuracy.  Machine vibration is minimized and an excellent finish surface is obtained even during high speed operation with frequent and sudden starts and stops and cutting sharp corners.  Additionally, the high speed acceleration/deceleration ensures fast positioning and shorter cycle times.
The Mazak QT20 is unsurpassed in ease of operation.  All controls and switches used in daily machine operation are located at the front of the machine.  The pressure gauge, pressure adjustment knobs, lubrication oil gauge/inlet are all easily accessible. Tool setup is done by using the automatic Tool Eye system by simply bringing the tool tip into contact with the tool eye.  The T-Plus control has a Tool life management system.  By registering the maximum time a tool is to be used in the CNC Memory, the accumulated usage can be compared to this value during automatic operation.  When a tool reaches its time limit, a spare tool will be automatically selected.
The Mazak QT20 & QT20HP were Mazak lathes that were known as high speed, high productivity machines that commonly used 8” and 10” chucks respectively.  They offered a standard bore size of 2.44” and 3.15” respectively.  These units supplanted the very popular Mazak Quick Turn (QT15N) and Quick Turn (QT18N) models around the end of 1994 when the newer Mazatrol Tplus conversational control was introduced to market.  There was a very small period of time that a the Tplus control was used on the older QT15N and QT18N models and these units were generally referred to as QT15NX and QT18NX models.  They used  the older body style and specs with the newer control on them.  
The Mazak QT-20 and Mazak QT20HP were very accurate cnc lathe machines that ran at 5,000 and 4,000 rpm respectively with 20 HP motors.  The Tplus control was the industry leader in its day offering a CPU with processing speeds up to 4 times faster than the previous Mazatrol control.  This helped reduce non-cutting time to an absolute minimum.  These used Mazak lathes were standard with tool presetters, programmable tailstock, 8 station turrets, though a 12 position turret option was available.  


Chuck Size 8" Hydraulic Chuck
Maximum Swing 17.32"
Swing Over Cross Slide 10"
Maximum Machining Diameter 11.81"
Maximum Machining Length 17.5"
Maximum Bar Capacity 2"
X Axis Travel 7.125"
Z Axis Travel 20.125"
Spindle Nose / Spindle Bore A2-6" / 2.44"
Spindle Speed 5,000 RPM
Spindle Motor 20 HP
Number of Tool Positions 8 Position Turret
Rapid Traverse Rates X / Z 1200 IPM / 1300 IPM
Tailstock Stroke 18.11"
Machine Dimensions 105" x 68.5" x 73.1"
Machine Weight 9,370 Lbs

Equiped with

8" 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck
Automatic Tool Eye
Programmable Tailstock
Chip Conveyor
Complete Coolant System
RS 232 Port Interface
All Available Manuals
All Available Tooling