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2012 Mori Seiki NHX4000 730BM w/ MAPPS iV


The Mori-Seiki NHX4000 is part of Mori/DMG high-precision, high-speed horizontal NXH Series.  This Mori horizontal features a compact footprint, lower power consumption, a low number of servo motors as well as the LED illumination, energy demands are decreased by up to 50%.  The NHX Series is the next-generation premium machine that provides a good return on investment.
In developing the NHX, Mori concentrated on two things: Simple Construction and realizing Driven at the Center of Gravity (DCG) with a single ball screw.  Using the DCG this Mori machining center was able to put the X-axis motor as close to the X-axis center of gravity as possible.  In order to do this, two X-axis linear guides were required to be placed at different heights.  The height difference between the two guides enables NXH not only to use the new DCG, but also to obtain better responsiveness, which resulted from reduced column weight, and high rigidity against the cutting reaction force.  The NXH4000 has the direct change type magazine that has no double arm and uses the spindle unit to pick up or return a tool from/to the magazine. The magazine of the Mori Seiki NHX-4000 has a simple structure; the Z driving source is used for the magazine movement in the Z-axis direction during tool change.  The Mori Seiki NHX4000 features a thick, high-rigidity bed to ensure stable machining accuracy even when the absolute level is out of true, which also contributes to increasing reliability.
The Mori NHX4000 is a traveling column design with maximum stability using a single part machine bed with stepped traveling column and a 3-point support bed.  No thermal interference in the work area due to outboard motors that provide the highest accuracy.  An absolute magnetic linear measuring system from Magnescale comes as standard for precise positioning.
This Mori horizontal machining center has been well received on the market.  Used DMG Mori machines have started to become more available on the market now that they have been united for a few years.  Used Mori's have always been popular amongst used machine buyers.  The confidence and peace of mind that a used Mori-Seiki offers a used machine buyer is often enough reason to make this purchase decision.


Pallet Size / Number of Pallets 15.7" x 15.7" / 2 plts.
Table Indexing 1 Degree Index
Table Load Capacity 880 lbs.
Pallet Index Time 1.49 seconds
X-Axis Travel 22"
Y-Axis Travel 22"
Z-Axis Travel 26"
Spindle Nose CAT # 40
Spindle Speed 12,000 RPM
Spindle Speed Ranges 1 Range
Spindle Motor 20 HP
Maximum Part Size (D x H) 24.8" x 35.4"
Tool Magazine Capacity 40 Position ATC
Maximum Tool Length/Weight 15.7" / 17.6 lbs.
Rapid Traverse Rates 2,362 IPM
Machine Dimensions 107.1" x 165.9"
Machine Weight 20,000 lbs.

Equiped with

2 Pallet Changer System
1 Degree Pallet Indexing
Coolant Through the Spindle
Cool Blaster High Pressure Pump
Tool Breakage Detection
Tool Life Management
200 Macro Variables
48 Work Offset Pairs
200 Tool Offset Pairs
Flood Coolant
Chip Conveyor
Auto Indexing of Front Table
Pallet Seat Detection
Rigid Tapping
Helical Interpolation




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